Thursday, April 23, 2015

Getting Lost in the Drop In Centre

Last month a few of us from Symons Valley United Church went on a tour of The Drop In Centre. Our congregation began making sandwiches for The DI every Communion Sunday since last October and we thought it would be good to understand the organization and people we trying help. So Jordan from The DI gave us a tour one Saturday morning.

Jordan had his three year old with him. Sarah, my ministry teammate carried her 7 month old in a baby carrier. Our preteen and teenage children came along. We saw where the 1200+ clients are served meals and the classrooms where clients can earn certificates and industry tickets. We wound our way carefully through the back area where the intoxicated were on the floor, sleeping off whatever it is they were on. We saw the working poor's modest sleeping accommodations that they return to each evening after a day of work.

We wanted to buy the t-shirts The DI are promoting as a fundraiser. I agreed to take orders and go pick them up. So I did. Cause I always do what I say I'm going to do. Almost always. Generally. And, for proof that I did, here they are:

It sounds like an every day sort of thing, doesn't it, going to pick up some shirts? But it wasn't. It really wasn't.

First of all, I suck at navigating. Let's just say if I were ever to be accepted on the Amazing Race (which would be the MOST AWESOME THING EVER!), I would have to do the driving cause I am just that bad at navigation. I cannot orient myself in the world. Direction and distance are often a mystery to me. I would die of exposure if ever lost in the forest before I could ever find my way out.

Anyway, let's just say I got a bit turned around once leaving the fly-over into downtown from Memorial. I saw a fair section of the downtown core before admitting defeat and getting Google map my way there. My next vehicle will talk me through situations like this - the Yukon is disappointingly silent in these times of crisis. Talk about First World problems.

The staff pointed me in the right direction but I must of looked a wee bit wary (see above regarding my navigational issues) because one of the security staff offered to take me to Admin Office. We walked through a locked door, across that back room I mentioned above, which was surprisingly full of people sleeping considering it was only noon. And then through another locked door. 

The nice security fellow called the elevator for me with his special badge. And then used the badge to push the button for the sixth floor. He noted that the B button was already lit up. He explained the elevator would first go to the basement and then to the sixth. After he assured me that it was easy to find the office once I departed from the elevator, I thanked him and he let me go my merry way. 

Which was a mistake. The elevator did, indeed, descend to the basement. Doors opened and closed without anyone else boarding. And then the elevator ascended back to the main floor. The doors opened and light on the sixth floor button went out. Apparently the elevator was going no where without a special badge.

Sigh. I exited and looked around to see what help I could find. No help. No one was there. And, as The Drop In Centre takes security very seriously, I discovered I was locked into the receiving warehouse. Any internal doors were locked. I wasn't sure if I went through the stairway doors that I could get through any other door onto the above floors.I could get outside but I wasn't sure where I would end up. Remember, I don't orient well at all.

Luckily I had my phone with me and my momma didn't raise no fool. I looked up the phone number for The DI, called the Centre and asked for Jake, the nice guy selling me the t-shirts. I sheepishly explained to him that I was lost somewhere in the very same building he was working in and asked if he would come get me. Which he did. Cause he's nice that way. And then he walked me to my truck. Let's just say he's made my gratitude list for today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You Can Only Have One First Blog Post

Do I say, 'Welcome' or 'Hello' when this is a first entry to a brand-new blog? I don't know. Likely one of the many reasons why I haven't started blogging before. Because I don't know the rules. And I am a rules sort of person.

Often people see me breaking the rules but, internally, I need rules to follow.

So they can be broken.

It can get complicated being me. Never mind being my spouse.

So, I made some rules. To be disregarded as needed. Naturally.

Whew! Aren't you glad that's settled?

So, now we arrive at...

Welcome! Hello!

I've been wondering what my first ever blog post should be about. I've been sitting here in my office, contemplating my options, cause you know, I want to get this just right. You only write your first blog post once, correct? Knowing I am not of the Born Again blog posters, it's true - the first post is the only first post I get.

Anyway, as I'm contemplating what my potentially wise and fabulous first blog post will be about when my eye was drawn to a bit of colour in the outer office. And I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you in this first post of mine.

It is a gift I received on Sunday from two youth that were in Confirmation Class with me last year. And who also happen to be very good friends of my two eldest children. Here it is:

Get this--all three scenes above are the SAME PICTURE!!

It is one of those very cheesy plastic pictures. Depending on which way you tilt the picture, you get a different scene. One picture, three scenes. Takes me back to grade four.

The teenage boys were killing themselves trying not laugh as they waited for my reaction. They bought me the picture at Comic Con. I think they were trying to get a rise out of me. Maybe hoping for a rant about how Jesus wasn't white people!! Well, I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. It is just so awful.

Naturally I brought the picture to the church and propped it beside the admin's desk. Cause it sure as heck isn't living in my office. I showed off the picture to congregation members who were in the building last night. The funny thing was them trying to decide if they needed to compliment the picture because maybe I genuinely liked it or if they could roll their eyes at its awfulness like they actually wanted to!

I love being in ministry. You just never know where your day is going to end up. Sunday was a gong show--worship service, newcomers luncheon, funeral for a baby born 18 weeks too early and then this gift. This fabulous, wonderfully awful gift that brought laughter at the end of a very long day. So awesome.

And so ends my first blog post.